BreakerSoft - The Online Point of Sale System designed for the Parts Reseller.
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    Why is it important for a Dismantling
    yard to use BreakerSoft
  • The dismantling industry is a unique industry where vehicles are bought and never sold and parts are sold that were never bought. To do this a specially designed program such as BreakerSoft is ideal for linking parts sold to the vehicle it came from.

  • The later model accident damaged vehicles come at a price where it is no longer possible to sell the engine and gearbox and get your money back like in the good old days, leaving the rest of the parts as profit.

  • For the sake of good administrative control it is important all parts are sold in a formal way at prices that will secure a profit at the end of the day.

  • Proper VAT control exercised for all parts sold and returned.

  • To make sure all unsold and disposed of parts are properly recorded and debited to a waste account and crediting your stock on hand account, which will affect end of year profit quite dramatically.

  • Ensures you have a properly recorded inventory for when the time comes you want to sell your business.

  • Ensures you can prove goodwill in your business.

  • Conform to the Government Act on selling secondhand goods.

  • Keep control of both new and used vehicle parts.
    Why is online software becoming
  • No need to purchase any software programs.

  • Automatic upgrades at no cost.

  • Automatic backups done.

  • All information stored with secure servers with double generator backup for outages.

  • You can access your business and Information from any computer in the world.

  • No network hassles.

  • Unlimited E-mail and telephone support.

  • Ideal for multi branch businesses.

  • Unlimited amount of users allowed.

  • No major learning curve to get to know the software.

  • Inventory details are automatically made available on the user's website and is dynamically updated as parts are catured and sold.

  • Inventory is also made available on the Part Source website receiving more than 20,000 visits per month.
    What can you do with BreakerSoft
  • Capture full details of vehicles bought - (can also be used as your police record control).

  • Capture part information from each vehicle from stripping cards.

  • Capture all new parts bought.

  • Issue quotations.

  • Issue Invoices.

  • Issue credit notes.

  • Issue Purchase Orders.

  • Issue Purchase Return Notes.

  • Call for Cash up report by date limitation.

  • Call for VAT report by data limitation.

  • Call for parts sold and profit report at any time on any vehicle while being dismantled.

  • Capture client detail be they Cash buyer or on account buyers. This proves and creates a goodwill account.

  • Built in email notification when new stocks arrive.
    Become a member of Part Source and what do you get?
  • Sales leads in excess of 3 million per month.
  • Free www domain.
  • Free website.
  • Free use of BreakerSoft.
  • Dynamic linking of inventory to your website.
  • Unlimited amount of parts - new and used can be published.

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