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BreakerSoft - The Online Point of Sale System designed for the Parts Reseller.
Due to a growing need in the dismantling industry to keep better record of the parts obtained from stripping accident damaged vehicles, Part Chain has made available an online Point of Sale program. BreakerSoft offers the dismantling industry the opportunity to keep track of parts derived from vehicles bought and at the same time work within the South African Act pertaining to the sales of second hand goods.

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BreakerSoft incorporates all available technology making it possible to dynamically link an inventory with the user's website and in this way making it possible for anybody to not only see what vehicles are being stripped for spares but actually see the parts available from these vehicles.

The user of BreakerSoft can at anytime ask for a profitabilty report on any vehicle at any time of its life in the dismantler's yard. As many dismantlers are also selling new parts, BreakerSoft has implemented a neat feature making the mix of used and new easy and user friendly.
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BreakerSoft is never sold and is supplied to all Subscribers to the Parts Chain service incorporating receiving many million rands worth of sales leads for vehicle parts, Domain registration, Website design and e-mail service. BreakerSoft is hosted with a large Corporate on a secure server and is backed by power outage protection and support. The owners of BreakerSoft are constantly developing and improving BreakerSoft. If you wish to start using BreakerSoft contact us per the contact details below.
Contact details: Parts Chain - tel 086 110 0202 - fax 086 623 3512 - email: .